Welcome to Math Class!

My name is Anne-Marie Graves and I am a mathematics teacher at Arab Junior High School. I am thankful for the opportunity to teach mathematics and I am looking forward to meeting all of my new students.   

The purpose of this website is to provide important information for students and parents.  On this site, you should find a page for each subject I teach.  These pages will include my weekly lesson plans and interesting tips and tidbits for class.  Parents:  Please note that lesson plans sometimes change due to student learning needs and other school activities that are beyond my control.  If you have questions or concerns about your child's progress, please contact me at school (586-6074) or through email (agraves@arabcityschools.org).

2009-2010 Class Schedule

1st Period

2nd Period

3rd Period

4th Period

5th Period

6th Period

7th Period



Advanced Pre-Algebra


Math 6

Math 6

Math 6 

Try this fun brain tuner!  How fast can you answer 20 simple facts? 




PARENTS:  Do you want to receive emails regarding upcoming tests and special activities?  Please send me an email and identify your child.  I will place your address in my email group for your child's class.  I will try to send out an email at least once a week to keep you up to date about our class!

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